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Penicillin – Wartime’s Wonder Drug

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It wasn’t only bullets and shells that killed soldiers in the First World War. Infected wounds and the dreaded gangrene were just as deadly killers. Treatment for wounds and infections was basic, and it wasn’t until Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928 that any real improvements began to be made.

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The Ministry of Food

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The government had to ensure the people had enough to eat and in April 1940 appointed Lord Woolton as Minister for Food. They wanted to ensure the population were fit and able to face the challenges and contribute to the fight ahead. The Ministry of Food made plans for the rationing and distribution of food based on the findings of nutritional science at that time. Lord Woolton had seen the effects of malnutrition in Liverpool and was determined the wartime diet should overcome this.

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Tea Rations

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Every month we take a look at the different items rationed during the second world war. This months ration is Tea.

What could be more British than a nice cuppa! Tea rationing in Britain didn’t start until July 1940, the average tea ration was 2oz per adult per week. Back then the tea was sold loose, the modern tea bag wasn’t invented until 1944! The loose tea was actually more beneficial as you could easily re-use the tea leafs over and over again. Read more

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