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What Did You Do In The War Mum?

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Before the outbreak of the Second World War most women, particularly married women, spent their days cooking, cleaning and looking after the children. There was no expectation that they would go out to work and it was even considered shameful in some circles if a married woman took up employment. From an early age girls were taught to sew and knit, cook and clean, whilst boys were thrust into education in the sure knowledge that one day they would have to be the sole provider for their future wives and families. Read more

Rosie the Riveter Poster Girl

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The ‘Rosie’ phenomenon came about after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941 and the Americans entered into WW2. The Government realised the only way to replace the fighting men was to recruit as many women as possible. Government sources issued continual appeals with ads and articles in magazines and papers to get women into work previously done by men. More than six million women helped build planes, bombs, tanks and other weapons that would help to win WW2.

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